MCS Accredited

MCS Accreditation ensures the installations by Budgeotherm are in accordance with strict government guidelines, every facet of the installation is covered from the way we size the ground collectors to the methods used to calculate the heat load of the building and how the heat pump size is determined, to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive payments only MCS approved equipment and MCS approved installers are accepted.

A further level of customer “peace of mind” is provided by RECC, a government sponsored customer assurance scheme, this covers all aspects of the contract and the terms and conditions that apply to it, MCS installers are all required to comply with this strict code of practice.

We provide Dimplex, Nibe, DeLonghi and Worcester BoschProfessional Heat Pumps throughout the UK, in addition a range of additional equipment and services is also provided which compliments the Heat Pump system whilst enabling our Heat Pump Technology to provide a complete turnkey approach to renewable energy projects.

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