Renewable Heat Incentive

We specialise in renewable energy solutions to heat your home, particularly ground and air source systems. Our MCS, Dimplex and REAL accreditations are in place and ensure that our installations qualify the all important Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grants. The government sponsored RHI payments will be available for domestic ground source and air systems.

New in 2017

In plain speak, there is an annual payment incentive  for installing a ground source system is 19.83 pence per kilowatt the amount paid will be dependant on the size of the installation and is capped at 30,000 kilowatts per year

The exciting new development is that Air Source systems will now receive 10.18 pence per kilowatt generated and subject to a maximum of 25,000 kilowatts per year, a substantial and welcome increase!!

Both of the above are payable for 7 years



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