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Renewable Heat Incentive

On Thursday 10th March the Government released their response to the consultation on the world-first Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The Government announced that support for the non-domestic sector would start in July 2011, and that support under the residential RHI would begin in October 2012.

The Government also confirmed that they will be honouring their commitment to support all installations from July 15th 2009 under the RHI, including for residential installations.

It now appears likely that the heat load for properties, against which the RHI is paid, will need to be calculated by an EPC assessment.

All of the material regarding air source heat pumps in the documentation released on March 10th was related to non-domestic air source heat pumps specifically. In the non-domestic sector, air-to-air heat pumps are predominantly used. These air-to-air heat pumps are not necessarily a renewable technology and so are not supported by an RHI tariff. They bear no relation to residential air-to-water heat pumps.

In addition to the above, DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change) has also stated that they are still aiming to provide a 12% return on investment through the RHI, which is in line with our initial expectations based on the original consultation documents.

DECC officials cited their main reason for delaying the residential tariffs to October 2012 as being a result of the change of Government in 2010. The current Government wants to reassess the evidence base on residential renewable heat installations before publishing the final tariff levels.

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