Air Source Heat Pumps & Ground Source Heat Pumps in Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex

Why Most Home will have a Heat Pump within Ten Years

Most homes will have air source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps within Ten Years Unbeknown to most British homeowners the government has in place a system to charge energy providers a levy on fossil fuels which in turn is passed on to homeowners via their utility bills. In the near future it is the intention to increase fuel levy’s to fund homeowner grants which are to be paid to home owners to encourage them away from using carbon fuels for home heating. The Government are to reward “green” homes with their recently announced Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which encourages the use of air source and ground source heat pumps.

The Government are using a big carrot to the people who change over to greener ways and an increasingly big stick by way of levy’s for the people who don’t change. To entirely heat a home using “renewables” there are a myriad of energy sources, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, air, water, wave power etc. not all of these are practical to fully meet the needs of the average household, only combinations of the above will be a total solution. Before any of the above can prove effective the property has to be insulated to the highest possible level, this will prove the most cost effective way of reducing carbon fuel consumption and also reduce the task given to any renewable energy to be employed. Larger rural properties could be made warm by the use of biomass systems – these rely on burning renewable material either a recycled or specifically grown organic matter, the drawback is the maintenance, fuel storage, removal of waste material and ongoing availability of fuel. The system would not suit smaller urban properties. Solar panels, wind turbines will not supply all the needs and will only act to supplement other systems, water power by electricity generation is only available to very few properties, so what is the answer for the rest of us?

Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps – What is a Heat Pump?

Ground source and air source heat pumps use refrigeration technology which is long established, a heat pump for British home heating requirements is, in essence, a fridge working backwards, is does not make heat it converts low grade energy and amplifies it to a level where it is useful enough to heat your home it does this by circulating water around the home in a similar way to most existing “wet” central heating systems. The source of the energy would normally be the air, the earth, or water, even though some more adventurous installations recover heat from the weirdest heat sources. Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps benefit over existing boilers by not requiring any flue, there are no dangerous emissions. A heat pump can provide a total energy solution as 75% of the heat derives from the air or ground the balance 25% being electricity from the national grid which powers the heat pump, thus it can totally heat your home.

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